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Jan 10 Love0 PCs vs Macs: It doesn’t have to be an exclusive relationship! By admin Food for thought, IT Support, News   This time last year, a US software company published the results of a survey of 500 IT professionals which suggested that Macs were overtaking PCs in the office.

Now, we’re not sure if Apple is winning the battle for SME desk space in the UK, but we do know that many of Yorkshire’s creative, digital and tech agencies (we have a booming industry here ‘Up North’) do prefer them for all sorts of reasons. What’s important to remember is that whatever your personal preference, a business should specify a solution that will serve its needs – and that’s all of its needs. So if you have a hugely creative team of trendy designers who won’t swap their Macs for anything, and a field sales team or admin bods who absolutely have to be connected to your internal network wherever they’re based (PCs are great for enterprise solutions), it is possible to combine the two platforms effectively. You just need an IT support partner who can work equally as well with PCs and Macs. *Coughs* There are very few companies that specialise in both Apple Macs and Windows PCs. Advancery is one of them. We have a growing number of clients who are hybrid PC and Mac, and our team is appropriately skilled to support users on both platforms. So we can deal with anything your legacy IT system throws at us (and you!) and help you move forwards to take advantage of newer technologies to benefit your productivity and your profits. Sound good? Get in touch – we’re happy to debate the pros and cons of Macs, PCs and other platforms too! (If you have time, this post from Channel Pro on the Windows vs Mac vs Linux battle is worth a read too